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Classes Of Insurance

Group Life Cover
The pension reform Act 2014 establishes a contributory pension scheme and compulsory life insurance policy for organisation with more than 15 employees. This to pension scheme and death in service benefit are now a statutory obligation. The contributory pension scheme also requires employers with 15 or more employees to maintain a life insurance policy in favour of employees for a minimum of three(3) times annual total emoluments.

Fire & Special Perils / Property Damage Cover
The insurance covers physical loss or damage to property of all types belonging to or in the custody or control of the insured caused by any perils. The values declared should represent the following:

For Buildings

(if owned by you or if you are under an obligation to insure it). The cost of reinstating the building and its the structure, landlord�s fixtures and fittings. This should include all outbuildings, walls, fences, yards, road-ways, underground services and any other interest, which you insured or are made responsible to insure.

For Office Contents, Equipment, Fixtures & Fittings
The cost of replacing office contents, equipment, fixtures and fittings.

For Stock
The cost of Stock and materials in trade of all description which are the property of the insured or held on trust or commission, contained in buildings or in the open on premises, owned or rented anywhere in Nigeria.

Rent Receivable
The money received or receivable by the insured for accommodation

Rent Payable
The money paid or payable by the insured for accommodation.

Fidelity Guarantee
The cover provides indemnity to the employer for pecuniary loss through misappropriation or fraudulent activities of employees.
The limit of guarantee per person is the maximum amount payable in respect of loss arising from or traceable to a single employee
The aggregate limit per period of insurance represent the total amount that can be paid as claims in anyone period of insurance.

Public Liability
All sums which the company shall become legally liable to pay to third parties in respect of Accidental bodily injury or damage to property arising from the operation of the company.

This policy covers loss or damage caused by violent and forcible entry into or out of the insured�s premises.

All Risks
This provides an all risk cover for valuable equipment like mobile phones, Laptops and mobile high value items.

Motor Fleet
Comprehensive cover on various private vehicles including an indemnity in accordance with the provisions of the motor vehicle (Third Party Insurance)Act 1945 and insurance Act 2003)

Group Personal Accident
This covers death, bodily injury or disablement to any of the employees caused by accidental, violent, external and visible means. This also covers Local medical expenses and Overseas medical expenses.
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